Change management tools

Change Accelerator, Comprehensive Change Management Software

With technology getting more and more involved in business operations of all kinds, it is inevitable for companies to adapt themselves. The up-gradation may require changes in just a few areas or complete restructuring of the whole system. No matter what kind of change is required, Change Accelerator by Emergent LLC is here to help them all. The is a Change management software designed to help organizations and professionals bring about required change effectively.

Characteristics of Change Accelerator:ca-enterprise-conceptual-overview-300x269

It is comprehensive: The software is designed keeping in mind the change requirements of organisations and this is their one stop solution. The package includes software, toolkit and training program that analyse the whole business system to help gain a successful change. It is available in enterprise module and in individual module which you can purchase depending on your organisational requirements and accordingly the Change management training will be imparted.

It includes 6 step change management: The program is designed on a 6 step module that covers the whole change process right from analysis to execution. Once you purchase the Change management software you can modify it according to the needs of your business and run a complete health check of the system. This helps you to determine the path and goal of your change. The software will help keep track of change activities and thus monitor till the end of it.

A complete toolkit: Change Accelerator provides a complete toolkit that includes more than 60 Change management tools. The tools are found in MS Word, Power point and Excel that will be used throughout the 6 steps of change process. They will help you to analyse, plan, draw blueprint for individual departments and monitor change at every step. These tools will help you equip your team and employees with effective skills to sustain the change positively in future.

Effective training: Change Accelerator also extends comprehensive Change management training for either individuals or for groups in an organisation. Many a times organisations fail to achieve the complete defined change because their team is not educated and trained to contribute to the process. With the help of Change Accelerator training and workshop your team will be motivated and gain practical knowledge of change process.

Economically priced: One of the advantages of Change Accelerator is that you can purchase the Change management tools individually or subscribe for the training separately. When you are getting your whole team trained you will avail some good discounts. Even the whole package is priced very economically compared to the wide variety of application and assistance it can provide.

Such software and tools are a great boon for organisation to upgrade themselves successfully and grow to greater heights.


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